Installing Universal Remote

  1. Connect the Universal Remote with USB cable for power supply, the small LED light at the front will blink blue steadily, waiting to be associated with your device.
  2. The small LED light at the front will blink blue rapidly when associating. The light becomes solid blue when the device associated successfully. The notice would be popped out to indicate that the association process is finished.
  3. In the control panel, select the home appliance(s) you would like to control by tagging the related icon. The selected icon would become solid.
  4. Tag ‘Remote’ in the bottom to enter the appliance page. Select the function icon that you would like to learn. The LED light of the Universal remote will change from blue to red, waiting for the command. At the same time, a notice would pop out and press the button on the remote of the related appliance afterwards. NOTICE: The top of the Universal remote must be faced to original remote, in order to receive the infrared radiation signal while learning process.

After pressing the button, the light of Universal remote will return to blue. The app will show another notice to finish the learning process. Options for users to proceed. Learnt command will be shown in blue.

1 Test Press test to ensure the learnt command is functional. Press OK to proceed.
2 Again Repress the button of the remote for amendment
3 cancel Cancel the learnt command
4 ok Proceed as learnt command

NOTICE: The top of the Universal remote must be always faced to the electronic appliances, in order to emit the infrared radiation signal while giving the related command.

  1. If you want to amend the command, press ‘edit’ on the top right corner. Tag ‘-‘ near the learnt command to amend. Confirm the amend process afterwards.
  2. To switch to the control panel of other appliances, flip the panel upwards (or downwards) to change. For the setting of other electronic appliances, redo the similar action in step 4-6