About Smartiblue

With Smartiblue, you are ready to take home automation to a new level. You can feel the incredibleness of technology and innovation. Smartiblue always has a mission: we want to help you to pay lesser, feel better and live smarter.

In the past decades, home automation has been labelled a luxury only for high-end market, but we do think everyone deserves a better living environment, a better home not only for high- ends. Now you can have this experience to live smarter with a price that everyone can afford.

Our people spend years developing Smartiblue, investment in R&D and customer support, we always ask ourselves a question- what does the customer want from us? Experiment with Smartiblue, you can control your home appliances and electronic devices with your phone or tablet. This is our mission- pay lesser, feel better and live smarter.

Why Choosing Bluetooth

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